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Sometimes patients have the mistaken notion that if they have broken their denture they have to see a dentist to get a new one, however that is not always the case.  On many occasions a denture can be repaired or added to without needing any impressions by the dentist.

Colin has been a dental technician for over 30 years and thoroughly enjoys his job. He works Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and is available to help repair and add to any broken dentures or replace any missing teeth onto a denture.

You do not have to be registered at our practice in order to use the services of our dental laboratory. You can bring your broken denture to us and after Colin has made an assessment of the denture we can advise you of the proposed course of action needed in order to fix your denture.

Just like an optician we recommend two pairs of glasses, We recommend that our denture wearing patients always have a spare set of dentures made, in the unlikely event that their permanent dentures are misplaced, dropped, broken etc….. they will then not have to go without any teeth as the process of making a great fitting and looking new denture can take a few appointments over the course of a few weeks.

As a fixed alternative to dentures patients may want to consider implant supported dentures or bridges

Should you have any queries regarding your dentures, please do not hesistate to contact us on 01474 537191

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About the author Dr Rik Trivedi

Dr Rik Trivedi is the Principal dentist at Parrock Dental & Implant Centres. He has a keen interest in Cosmetic Smile Dentistry and braces, Dental implants, Facial Aesthetics, Prevention and is very experienced in the design and placement of Cerec Same Day Crown technology.