Healthy Mouth Charter

Healthy Mouth Charter

Although we offer some of the best quality dental treatments in the UK, our overall aim is actually to help you avoid invasive procedures by maintaining healthy teeth and gums for longer. We do this by:

  • Arranging regular examinations and hygienist visits
  • Screening for early signs of jaw joint problems and potential cancers at every appointment
  • Educating patients on the health benefits of maintaining strong dentition and how to achieve optimum oral health
  • Offering state of the art treatments including implants and bridges to address the problems caused by missing teeth
  • Treating damaging habits such as bruxism (grinding the teeth or clenching the jaw)
  • Providing cosmetic solutions for cracked, stained or damaged teeth, including whitening and veneers
  • Advising patients on orthodontics and other cosmetic procedures to correct ‘crooked’ smiles
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