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Having a mouth full of broken, deteriorating teeth can be painful and cause issues when eating. Dental implants can be used to replace all your teeth on one or both jaws, restoring your ability to eat with confidence.

Some of our dental implant patients share their stories of how a dental implant was used to replaced missing or failing teeth.

Bridge and gap replaced with dental implants – Joanne

Name: Joanne

Age: 49

Occupation: Librarian

Problem: gap at front,failing bridge and poor appearance of front teeth and crowns affecting Joanne’s smile and confidence

Treatment: bridge and gap replaced with dental implants and cosmetic crowns and veneers.

Treatment period: 3 months

Joanne had a gap at front of her mouth as well as a failing front bridge and poor appearance of her front teeth and crowns affecting Joanne’s  smile and confidence. After treatment with dental implants and cosmetic crowns and veneers Joanne feels so much more confident smiling and having photos.

“ I was recommended to come here by my wife, I was really happy with the service, it is a very pleasant place to be. Rik was very friendly, he talked me through all the steps and what would happen in regards to my treatment. I felt very confident. Everyone I know has seen my new smile and said it’s made an amazing difference to my confidence. I used to smile with closed lips and now I smile a full smile! I am very pleased with the overall service I received with the service I received at Parrock dental! ”

Unhappy with poor smile and denture – Kulbinder


Name: Kulbinder

Age: 50

Occupation: Housewife

Problem: Unhappy with poor smile and denture

Treatment: Dental Implants and veneers

Treatment period: 4 months

Kulbinder visited Parrock Dental as she was unhappy with the overall appearance of her smile and this was affecting her confidence. She had a denture for the missing teeth but did not like this as it was uncomfortable. She also did not like the appearance of her teeth and crowns as they did not look like her natural teeth. She opted to have Dental implants to fill the gaps and also some cosmetic teeth whitening and porcelain veneers to improve the appearance of the other teeth. and overall smile She was over the moon with the results.

“ I am so pleased with the results of my treatment with Rik. I can now smile with confidence and don’t have to worry about wearing my denture anymore. I would defiantly recommend to others! ”

Broken and missing teeth – Roger


Name: Roger

Age: 67

Occupation: Retired

Problem: Broken and missing teeth

Treatment: Dental Implants, crowns and veneers

Treatment period: 6 months

Roger is a long standing  patient at Parrock Dental, and had been visiting Dr Trivedi regularly for sometime. He came to the practice presenting with a crown which had broken off at the gum line, and another crown which was ill fitting and causing him some problems. as well as a loose denture.  He opted to replace these problem teeth and the denture with dental implants which restored the appearance of his smile and in turn his confidence.

“ I had a lot of trouble with my teeth,one broken one and one that I lost many years ago and I had a plate in for along time, but I decided that it was time to have something permanent done. ”


Name: Terry

Age: 74

Occupation: Retired

Problem: Broken,missing and worn teeth giving poor smile and making chewing difficult

Treatment: Dental Implants crowns  and Veneers for improved chewing, and confidence and a happy wife

Treatment period: 5 months

Terry came to Parrock Dental after his wife had suggested he got a new smile for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. He came to Parrock Street and discussed all his options and opted for a combination of dental implants to replace missing teeth and restore function, and veneers and crowns to improve the overall appearance of his front teeth. He was really please with the results, and could smile at his anniversary celebrations with confidence.

“ I came here as my son recommended Parrock Dental, and my teeth were badly worn at the front and I needed dental implants at the rear to replace missing teeth. Overall I’ve been very please, it’s given me a lot more confidence with my smile, and chewing is now really good. No fault at all with the service, I would certainly recommend dental implant treatment to others ”

Missing and Broken teeth – Neil


Name: Neil Moakes

Age: 51

Occupation: Financial Advisor

Problem: Missing and Broken teeth

Treatment: Dental implants, crowns and veneers

Treatment period: 6 months

Beverley visited Parrock Dental looking to improve the appearance and chewing of her failing and very loose top front crowns. She was very unhappy with the look of her smile as her gums were receding and the crowns were becoming noticeable so She would not smile and spoke to people covering her mouth.  She opted to have dental implants retained bridge on her upper front 4 teeth and was overjoyed with the results. She would definitely recommend having dental implant treatment to others.

“ I had implants and it’s brilliant. It’s given me more confidence and I had no pain or discomfort with the treatment. If you need this treatment just have it done! ”

Failing crowns causing pain and a poor smile – Paul


Name: Paul

Age: 48

Occupation: station manager

Problem: Failing crowns causing pain and a poor smile

Treatment: Dental Impplant with bone graft for improved health and confidence

Treatment period: 8 months

Paul was a keen sportsman and unfortunately had damaged his front teeth playing football. He required a bone graft and dental implant treatment to improve the appearance and restore the function of his teeth. He was extremely nervous but was overjoyed with the results and surprised how easy and pain free it was.


“ I came to see Rik to have dental implants, I also needed a bone graft procedure all of which I was very nervous about. Rik was very sincere. I had a bone graft, dental implants and veneers. I am 100% happy with the result and would sincerely recommend Rik to everyone! ”

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