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Claire came to see Parrock Dental as she had a lot of teeth missing and had no confidence to talk, eat or smile. She was wearing a denture that she was unhappy with and wanted a more permanent solution.

Claire had upper and lower almost full mouth same day dental Implants and teeth followed by the permanent bridges after healing and was over the moon with the natural look and appearance of her new smile.

5 months

After years of dental infections and various treatments, I had lots of teeth missing, broken bridges, a poor fitting denture and some were crooked. What was left was a real mess – I hated them and it made me feel miserable. Rik and his team were extremely patient with me and I felt for the first time, in a long long while, comfortable being in a dentists chair. After a detailed consultation I was confident I would be happy with the end result and I WAS..more than happy! Rik promised I would want to smile all the time and he was exactly true to his word –  i do!! I’m ecstatic and my confidence has just soared. It has changed my life so much. I smile easily now without any thought of being ashamed of people seeing my teeth and its a genuine open smile. I can laugh without even feeling a bit self conscious, it’s fabulous. They look and feel natural. Don’t hesitate to go to Parrock Dental. They will give you a smile you can be proud of. The whole team there are fantastic. The cost is not as prohibitive as you may think. Contact them and it could change your life..it absolutely did mine and I cant recommend them highly enough.

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